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Prairie Run Natural Soaps begin with fresh, whole milk from our beautiful Toggenburg dairy goats.  All of our soaps, lotions and bath products are handcrafted in small batches ensuring the highest quality product for your enjoyment.

This is My Story



Our adventure into Toggenburg goats began in 2011 when our granddaughter expressed an interest in acquiring registered dairy goats. We raised mix breed goats at the time but she had the desire to show in American Dairy Goat shows. After months of research we purchased a young Toggenburg doe named “Peanut” from a family in Hocking County, Ohio. Peanut’s picture appears on all of our soap labels.

The following year we added two more Toggenburg does, Patience and her daughter Pixie to our herd. We soon had plentiful milk, and with the  bounty I began making soap, perfecting my own recipes and gifting bars to our friends and family. I enjoyed making handcrafted soap and was so impressed with its quality, I turned soapmaking into a business and Prairie Run Naturals was born!

Please take a moment to enjoy pictures of our farm, goats and cattle and to read my musings on farm life and soap making.

Our Labor of Love

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